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Explore the history of the South Carolina Civil Rights Movement and discover its connections to your local community and the national Civil Rights Movement using our free digital resources! In these you will find classroom lessons, more information about our traveling and permanent exhibitions, ongoing oral history projects, and historical comic books from and about the movement. Check back periodically for new resources. 

Classroom Resources

The Civil Rights Center has developed free educational resources to help K-12 students discover the connections between South Carolina and the national Civil Rights Movement, support College-Career-Readiness skills, and align with state standards.

Comic Books

In the mid-20th century, various aspects of popular culture challenged negative portrayals of African Americans and created positive representations. African American leaders and events were celebrated in comic books and graphic novels.

Justice for All at USC

In 2019, the Center for Civil Rights History and Research worked with South Carolina Humanities and the University of South Carolina Libraries to create the original Justice for All archival exhibition. Soon, the Center will install a permanent version of the exhibition in the historic Booker T. Washington High School Auditorium.

Justice for All Traveling Exhibit

The Justice for All traveling exhibit uses panels, digital resources, and reproduction archival materials to highlight South Carolina’s largely overlooked chapters in the national Civil Rights Movement. Justice for All is traveling throughout South Carolina through the end of 2023.

Justice for All Digital Resources

The Justice for All Digital Resources, developed by the Center for Civil Rights History and Research and University of South Carolina Libraries, provide online access to primary sources—archival materials including letters, photographs, and news footage—highlighting South Carolina’s role in the Civil Rights Movement.